US Neocolonial Period Started in 1953: Even Now it Continues

The 1953 MI6 and CIA-led coup in Iran modified the world. It gave absolute energy to the Shah however strengthened the resolve of the opposition. In 1979, the Iranian Revolution dethroned the Shah and created an Islamic republic. Regardless of draconian American sanctions, Iran transitioned from being a lackey of the US to turning into politically confident and unbiased. It has emerged as a regional energy difficult the US hegemony within the area. As soon as completely depending on the US navy provides and different imports, Iran now produces a lot of its personal weaponry and different merchandise. In actual fact, its drones are even thought of a game-changer within the Russia-Ukraine Warfare. 

Since 1979, Iran has challenged the US-led Western international locations internationally. For example, Iran opposed apartheid in South Africa at a time when the US supported the racist regime. In 1992, Nelson Mandela visited Iran and thanked “the Iranian authorities and nation for his or her help within the black individuals’s wrestle in opposition to apartheid.″ 

In distinction, the US and its Western allies have supported freedom for white Europeans globally whereas quietly enslaving or subjugating all others. In style Congolese chief Patrice Lumumba was eradicated via a 1960 coup supported by Belgium and the US. Washington has traditionally stood by its European allies after they performed ethnic cleaning and genocide in opposition to Africans. American collaboration with Britain is well-known, significantly the British suppression of Kenya’s Mau Mau motion within the Fifties that sought self-determination. 

The damaging meddling in affairs of the opposite international locations by the US was formalized with the founding of the Central Intelligence Company (CIA) in 1947. In June 1948, the CIA was approved to hold out covert operations in “help of US international coverage.” Its first and most profitable operation was collectively with MI6 in 1953 when it masterminded a coup in opposition to Mohammad Mosaddegh, Iran’s first-ever democratically elected prime minister. Within the years to return, the US used classes realized from 1953 to overthrow governments in different international locations. Vietnam and Chile are maybe the 2 most spectacular examples.

A Story of Neocolonization and Hypocrisy

After World Warfare II, the Individuals have all the time championed the 1941 Atlantic Constitution, a joint US and British declaration, to painting themselves as nice supporters of freedom. Its most essential options included recognizing the best of individuals to decide on their very own type of authorities, eradicating commerce restrictions, bettering labor requirements, increasing social applications, renouncing use of pressure, and lowering armament. The Atlantic Constitution deeply influenced the UN Constitution that adopted after the warfare.

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After the devastation of World Warfare II, the UN was based in 1945 to save lots of the world from the “scourge of warfare,” to strengthen “human rights,” to advertise “justice,” reinforce “worldwide legislation” and promote social well-being. But the US and Britain have by no means actually honored their dedication to the UN Constitution simply as they as soon as ignored the Atlantic Constitution after the warfare was over. Simply as Britain and the US as soon as promoted the pursuits of the East India Firm and the United Fruit Firm (UFC) via their international coverage, they now help at present’s huge companies.

The instance of the US performing to help the UFC has develop into notorious in historical past. Lower than 11 months after the 1953 Iran coup, the CIA-sponsored deposed the democratically elected Guatemalan authorities. Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán was ousted in a June 1954 coup as a result of, like Mosaddegh, he refused to play ball with a international company exploiting his nation. This coup gave beginning to a brand new phrase in worldwide politics: “banana republic.”

The identical 12 months the US turned Guatemala right into a banana republic, the Vietnamese crushed the French at Dien Bien Phu. This triggered American intervention beneath the guise of the Chilly Warfare. The acknowledged goal was to maintain out communism. The actual aim was to make sure white domination of one other non-white nation. The US saved its forces in Vietnam for the following 20 years, brutally inflicting practically 4 million casualties. American casualties have been a comparatively low 58,000 however many veterans who served in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos are nonetheless affected by bodily and emotional trauma. The populations of those three international locations are nonetheless coping with the results of napalm bombing and using Agent Orange, which have been each forbidden by the Geneva Conference.

Latin America Will get Particular Consideration

The US has dominated Latin America and handled the area as an off-the-cuff colony. In 1964, the US and the British supported a navy coup in Brazil that deposed the democratically elected Brazilian president Joao Goulart.

In Chile, the US adopted the 1954 Guatemala template. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger mounted main clandestine operations in opposition to Chilean President Salvador Allende. Finally, the US backed the 1973 coup, Allende was executed and the US-based Anaconda Copper Firm a serious contributor to the Republican social gathering.

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No mercy proven even to Cuba, a small Caribbean nation. Within the Sixties, the CIA tried to assassinate Fidel Castro quite a few occasions via many means, together with using organized crime syndicate. The US even tried an invasion on the Bay of Pigs however it turned out to be a catastrophe. 

Barack Obama and Raul Castro

The failure of its anti-Castro machinations didn’t cease US operations in Latin America although. Within the Eighties, the US supported the navy junta in El Salvador with $6 billion to annihilate the insurgency and their supporters. That led to a civil warfare that lasted 12 years, inflicting many deaths and destruction. Within the Eighties, the Irangate scandal hit the Reagan administration. Congressional inquiries revealed that the US had illegally offered weapons to Iran and used the revenue to fund Contra rebels in opposition to Sandinistas in Nicaragua.

The Contras’ story turns into much more attention-grabbing. In 1981, the US backed Manuel Noriega who grew to become the navy dictator of Panama. Noriega was a conduit of cash and weapons to the Contras. When Noriega was not helpful, the US lower him off its payroll in 1988 and overthrew him in 1989. 

The US Report Elsewhere

As for Asia, no person needs to be shocked that the US supported Pakistan in opposition to India within the 1971 India-Pakistan Warfare. Kissinger coated up the Pakistani mass rape, murders and different atrocities in East Pakistan, which is now Bangladesh. The ruthless American diplomat justified help for Pakistan as important for higher relations with China. He additionally justified bombing Cambodia and Laos for pressuring North Vietnam. Keep in mind Kissinger additionally precipitated Allende’s execution. But the Nobel Committee gave such a megalomaniac and worldwide legal the Peace Prize in 1973.

From 1945 to 1990, the CIA backed anti-communists to go on a rampage and kill communists in not less than 22 international locations. It started in Indonesia in 1965. The navy killed one million Indonesians on the mere suspicion of being communists or left-wing. After the massacre, Normal Suharto emerged because the nation’s chief and have become president in 1967.

As we speak, we vividly keep in mind 9/11. But few query the US function in creating these terrorists. The US needed Afghanistan to be the Vietnam for the Soviets. Within the 980s, the US backed probably the most violent Muslims from around the globe who flocked to battle a jihad in Afghanistan. They grew to become referred to as the mujahideen and delivered a crushing defeat to the Soviets. President Ronald Reagan met with them within the Oval Workplace. Later, these jihadis fashioned al-Qaeda, al-Nusrat, ISIS, and different terrorist teams who’ve been inflicting deaths and destruction since. 

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In January 2020, the US killed Iranian Normal Qassim Soleimani when he was on his solution to meet the Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi. Soleimani had helped defeat ISIS and his execution triggered anger within the Center East. Moreover, it additionally set a precedent for killing diplomats and has put in peril US diplomats around the globe. From the times of the 2003 Iraq Warfare, US actions have typically been reckless, endangering peace persistently.

Within the case of Iran, the US has acted most unwisely. For many years, it has been attempting to provoke “regime change.” The US has imposed draconian sanctions on the nation and precipitated untold struggling. Few Individuals understand that over 98% of Iranians voted to create an Islamic republic in 1979.

The US helps Ukraine within the title of freedom and democracy. But the important thing motive for this help to take action is to weaken Russia. The US has imposed sanctions in opposition to Russia and provided weapons to Ukraine to weaken Russian President Vladimir Putin. But Putin’s recognition reached 81% on the finish of final 12 months whereas US President Joe Biden’s approval ranking dropped to 44%.

The US funds which have been spent on regime change and navy operations have precipitated financial ache, violence and struggling around the globe. These funds may have been used to get rid of poverty and enhance infrastructure at house. 

Through the years, these insurance policies have taken a toll on the repute of the US. Ayatollah Khamenei as soon as referred to the US because the Nice Devil. Many others around the globe could not agree with that description however share the ayatollah’s anti-American sentiment. To enhance its world standing, the US should cease meddling in different international locations or invading them. It may start with mending relations with Iran and apologizing for the 1953 coup. As a substitute of performing as a domineering hegemon, the US should work with different nations to boost freedom and peace for all humanity.

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